Who we are

Our mission is to exceed our customers expectations on service, quality and performance in the manufacturing of tailored rotary cutting tools, made with the clear objective of increasing the productivity in the operation of your plants and making your work more efficient, reliable and accurate.

Each one of our tools is developed based on its specific manufacturing process needs, therefore resulting in a unique product, capable of surprising our clients.

Work Team

Elmec’s greatest asset is its team of highly committed professionals with wide expertise and knowledge, who offer specialized consulting services in the: determination of your needs, development of the design, and fabrication of the tools that will benefit your production processes.


Our designs are based on the material to be machined, such as aluminum, steel, cast iron, stainless steel, high alloy steel, composites, among others.

We have the necessary technologies for the production of high-performance cutting tools. These are applied in the design and manufacture of your tool, to achieve: the right geometry, the special finishing, the cutting edge preparation and the specific coating; which result in a better performance of your operation.

It is important to note, that all processes are made with state of the art equipment, thus guaranteeing the homogeneity and quality of our products.

State of the art Technology

"All of the processes are made with state of the art equipment, therefore we guarantee the homogeneity and quality of our products."